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101 red roses 60 cm Kramatorsk

  • Bouquet 101 red roses 60 cm
  • Bouquet 101 red roses 60 cm
  • Bouquet 101 red roses 60 cm
  • Bouquet 101 red roses 60 cm
  • Bouquet 101 red roses 60 cm
  • Bouquet 101 red roses 60 cm
  • Bouquet 101 red roses 60 cm
  • Bouquet 101 red roses 60 cm

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  • ID product: 9168-1117-3
  • Size: Большой
  • Number of bouquets:
  • Height: ↕ 60 см.
  • Diameter: Ø 90 см.
  • Consist: Packing (3 шт.), Tape (3 шт.), Rose red 60 sm (101 шт.)
  • We recommend for: Годовщина свадьбы, День рождения, Женщине, Люблю, Прости, Скучаю, Юбилей
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alexandre montagna

Постоянный клиент с 20 April 2020

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22 April 2020 10:58

alexandre montagna: Мне не понравилось исполнение моего заказа I ordered a bouquet of 101 red roses for delivery on 21 april 2020 between 10 a.m. and 12 p.m. After paying 92 €, I receive an email modifying the price because of an error on the web site, asking me 81 € more. Then I am told that the florist does not have enough red roses. They are pale roses which constitute the bouquet and some red roses. In the end, delivery is made late at 2 p.m. Deplorable service and misleading advertising. I had no commercial gesture in return following this inconvenience. UFL to avoid from abroad, a real scam. I will order with another provider next time.
Alexandre montagna rate service:

Manager work:

Florist work:

Flowers quality:

Delivery service:

Site usability:

Ответ UFL: Hello Alex, we are sorry for this situation but we contacted You and informed about the price for 101 roses and that it was not correct after You paid it. We proposed You variants- to cancel the order and return money back or to deliver with the additioanal payment. We chatted with You and were waiting for the florists answer about red roses in such amount. You did not wait for our ansewer and made the order. As You wanted only red roses - the florists have to make a mix of different kinds of red roses. We confirmed yhe replacement with You. As we have not regullar flower delivery because of virus- the florist got the flowers a little later - they had no the possibility to deliver the flowers till 12 o`clock. They contacted the recipient and agreed the time. We are sorry You did not like our service(


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28 November 2018 17:20

Russell Nicoletti: Мне понравилось исполнение моего заказа Russell Nicoletti rate service:

Manager work:

Florist work:

Flowers quality:

Delivery service:

Site usability:

Buy a bouquet of 101 red roses 60 cm with delivery in Kramatorsk

Description букета

A luxury bouquet of 101 red roses is the very long-expected and welcome gift every girl dreams about! Even a single red rose can light a sparkle between a man and a woman. Just imagine the facets of relationship this beautiful bouquet can reveal! Check it up - send these gorgeous flowers to your beloved girl or a girl whose heart you are going to win.

And you'll see what a bright bouquet of these fascinating roses can do for you. Her photos with your bouquet will certainly appear on her pages in social nets - to make her friends envy! The expensive and stylish gift is the dream of thousands of young ladies. Cease the moment because after such courtesies the girl is sure to become more favorable!

The design of the bouquet may differ from the one presented on the website. The color scheme can be agreed with the manager. A vase is not included into the price.

Size: 60 x 90 cm

Attention: the bouquet may differ from the image.

How to care for a bouquet?
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