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Begonia Simferopol

  • Bouquet of flowers Begonia
  • Bouquet of flowers Begonia



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Begonias are a genus of plants consisting of more than 1,000 species of plants and as many as 10,000 hybrid varieties. Some are cultivated for their colorful foliage, other for their blooms, some are valued for both. All species can be successfully grown as house plants, but some are also able to live outside. Fortunately for begonia growers, despite the genus' diversity, the care of all begonias is similar.
These plants needs the bright non direct sunlight.Flowering begonias, however, need several hours of direct sunlight each day.
The temperature should be stable. Begonias are sensitive to rapid fluctuations in temperature and therefore must be kept away from drafts. As long as the temperature is constant and above 60 degrees Fahrenheit begonias can thrive.
Watering should be between once a week and once every two weeks.
Begonias feel better in small pots. They have small root systems and do not need repotting frequently.

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