51 roses in a box Ummendorf

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  • 51 roses in a box 51 roses in a box
  • 51 roses in a box Ummendorf

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  • Consist: Rose red (51 pc) · Oasis (2 pc)
  • ID product:10189-2508-3
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Buy a 51 roses in a box with delivery in Ummendorf

Description bouquet

51 roses in a box

Do you want to make a truly luxurious gift to a dear person? Are you looking for a way to express your sincere feelings without words? The UFL online store offers to use the fresh ideas of florists and buy 51 roses in the original box with free delivery in Kyiv, other cities and other countries. This composition looks expensive, fresh, and unusual. This is much better than giving a standard bouquet in a bright wrapper!

To whom and when to give?

Amazing red roses in the amount of 51 pieces, carefully packed in a huge black box in the shape of a heart, and complemented by small Oasis greens, are ideal for this occasion:

Anniversary of wife, mother or grandmother.
Birthday of a beloved woman.
Anniversary of a memorable event (the day you met, the date you started your life together, marriage, etc.).
Romantic date.
As a token of sincere gratitude (only to a loved one), etc.
You can also order bright flowers in a hat box to confess your feelings. Such a gift will make a truly unforgettable impression, and will look much more impressive than white and pink roses in small bouquets!

encrypted message

Don't know what hidden message scarlet roses can convey in a beautiful package? We offer several popular options for such a “message” for your choice:

"I love you".
"I want to open my feelings."
"Let's make it up".
"I'm sure my feelings are mutual."
"With love and sincere gratitude."
"I'm burning with passion."
Such roses will be an ideal choice if you are going to make a marriage proposal to your chosen one. Flowers will tell everything for you!

A little about the packaging

Today, according to florists, giving roses in cellophane, even if they are expensive, is bad manners. The most popular types of packaging are colorful paper, kraft, fine fabrics, cardboard, as well as flower pots with original decorations, wicker baskets and wooden boxes. Even light brown wrapping paper or regular printed newsprint looks much more lively and organic than crispy cellophane wrapping.

In this composition, roses, carefully selected by variety, stem length and bud size, are placed in a heart-shaped cardboard box. The size of the bouquet is small, the flower stems are completely hidden inside. Outside, only dense buds and decorative greenery are visible.

Despite the compact size, the composition is quite voluminous. Therefore, we recommend that you think over the method of its transportation in advance if you decide to pick up your order by self-delivery.

The advantage of the composition is that the composition can be placed in the most visible place right in the branded packaging, without rearranging the roses in a vase. For the first 2-3 days they will perfectly stand in a box, delighting the eye with their magnificence!

Black matte cardboard successfully sets off bright buds and looks very stylish. Thanks to the wide bottom and thick cardboard, the box is quite strong and stable.

Helpful Hints

If you have chosen to order 51 roses in the original box, we advise you to clarify the delivery time by contacting our managers. And also choose an individual add to the bouquet - a miniature postcard, a soft toy, delicious champagne, sweets, or fresh fruit.

CareHow to care for a bouquet?

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