15 roses Jumilia Liberty

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  • 15 roses Jumilia 15 roses Jumilia
  • 15 roses Jumilia Liberty

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  • Consist: Rose Jumilia 50-60 cm (15 pc) · Wrapping 1m · Tape for flowers
  • ID product:10303-1225-3
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Description bouquet

A bouquet of 15 Jumilia roses will be a unique gift. The number 15 roses symbolizes sincere and deep affection and love. The white color of roses symbolizes purity, tenderness and purity, and the pink color adds a touch of romance and tenderness.

This bouquet is perfect for special occasions such as anniversaries, birthdays, weddings or romantic reunions. It will express feelings and emotions, allowing you to convey deep affection and care for the recipient.

Bouquet of 15 white-pink jumilia roses is an elegant and luxurious manifestation of love and tenderness. He personifies beauty and grace, and will give joy and admiration to the one who receives it. This bouquet will emphasize the peculiarity and significance of the moment, becoming a wonderful symbol of your attention and love.

Attention: Bouquet and design may differ from the images shown.

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