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17 Reasons to Give Yellow Flowers (Part 2)

Continued. Beginning of the article is available here: ‘17 Reasons to Give Yellow Flowers (Part 1)’.

9. These flowers are represented not only in painting but also in the world of literature. Just remember ‘The Master and Margarita’ by Mikhail Bulgakov: tired of her quiet and emotionally bleak life Margarita goes for a search of her love with a bunch of yellow flowers symbolising optimism and revival in her hands.

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10. It is quite natural that celebrities from show business world often appear at social events in yellow dresses decorated with flowers of matching tones. This way they only emphasise their individuality and femininity. 

11. Many people take an interest in the meaning of yellow flowers. It will be different in different cultures. However, we should note that popular belief that such flowers prophesy separation is not that widespread. Normally bouquet of yellow tulips symbolises admiration of a loved person’s smile.  Yellow roses or lilies— happiness, joy, gratitude. Daffodils — respect and honour. Chrysanthemums — prosperity and wealth.

12. The colour itself is endued with mystical powers. It represents the energy of the sun and is connoted with the notion of positive start and good mood. It is an ensign of joy, fun and at the same time tranquillity and harmony with oneself.

13. Yellow flowers have a favourable impact on people. They contribute to good concentration and thus can help in preparing for an important business meeting or exam. Besides, one look at them improves mood, helps to cope with depression and raise self-confidence.

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14. Many yellow flowers also possess medicinal properties. Tansy, loosestrife, foalfoot, chamomile, dandelion — all those little suns not please our eyes but also preserve our health. 

15. The same dandelion, daisy, sunflower and many other yellow flowers are also widely used in cooking.

16. Flowers of the colour are symbols of monarchs. For example, in France heraldry of the kings contained the image of a yellow iris. According to a legend, the flower helped a king send his troops to a right direction and thereby secure a victory. 

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17. Finally, yellow blossoms are simply beauteous. And no stereotypes should stop you from pleasing your loved ones with such life-asserting bouquets!

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